Action figure variants are deviations from normal production. I don't claim to be an expert so here goes.
I am going to list the action figure variants that I know of. Generally variants are more sought after than
there normal counterparts.

25th Anniversary GI Joe

Snake Eyes with black Timber instead of grey Timber

Zartan Master of Disguise - Without the face changing sticker.

Stalker - yellow camo instead of green camo

Gung Ho - anchor on his hat instead of no anchor on his hat

Shipwreck - shark tattoo instead of anchor tattoo.
There are actually three different Shipwrecks that I've seen and own.
The normal shark tattoo variant has an anchor on his belt buckle. The normal anchor tattoo has
no anchor on his belt buckle. The third figures has an anchor tattoo and an anchor on his belt buckle.

Snake Eyes versus Red Ninja troops - ToysRUs exclusive
The red ninja being kicked by Snake Eyes is missing the tattoo on this right arm.

Marvel Legends Icon Series

Captain America with his mask on instead of without his mask.

McFarlane Monsters 6 Faces of Madness

Elizabeth Bathory exposed nipple.

Star Wars

Sandtrooper - has three different versions

Clone Trooper Officer - red, blue, green and yellow

Please feel free to contribute if I'm missing something.

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